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A combination of lightness and technology for immediate comfort: LIGHTEC optical frames and sunglasses are made entirely from stainless steel, with an exclusive screwless flex hinge system.


Light :

Through the use of materials such as stainless steel, polyurethane rubber and injected TR90, and thanks to a minimalist design, LIGHTEC frames are disconcertingly light. Just a few grams of comfort! 


Technology :

LIGHTEC frames are made from stainless steel and designed without screws. Fitted with an exclusive screwless and springless hinge (ALPHA and OMEGA), their pure design is all about extreme comfort and outstanding robustness.

Injected plastic models (ALPHA 18 and ALPHA 21) result in a slim, structured and ultra-light front while also exploiting the trend for colored plastic fronts. The fronts incorporate adjustable stainless steel pad supports. 

The stainless steel used for the metal parts makes the whole assembly highly flexible while remaining tough and fully corrosion resistant.

Because we all have different facial shapes, the models produced can be very easily adjusted to your face by your optician. 


Comfortable :

LIGHTEC provides an immediate sensation of comfort for the wearer: the lightness of materials such as stainless steel, polyurethane, injected TR90 and carbon fiber, the flexibility of the hinges and the overall design of each model produce an unrivalled wearing experience. 


Timeless :

Timeless or contemporary models for men looking for ultra-comfortable and discreet products with a hint of originality. All models are made from stainless steel and fitted with screwless and springless flex hinges for optimum robustness.


Slim :

Because women too want minimalism and comfort, LIGHTEC has designed a collection of slim, comfortable, light and original models exclusively for women. All models are fitted with screwless and springless flex hinges for optimum robustness.


Carbon Fiber :

A real "technology heavyweight": with a stainless steel front and exclusive screwless hinge like all LIGHTEC models, the frame is also made up of high-tech, composite carbon fiber or glass fiber materials combined with polyurethane to make the temple flexible, robust and comfortable.

Light, flexible and tough, the temple is made from a very thin sheet of carbon or glass fiber bonded to a serrated stainless steel core and then overmolded with polyurethane rubber. The temple is therefore pleasant against the skin, comfortable and adjustable to the shape of the head, all of which makes for a really special product. 

Carbon Fiber


Protection :

100% stainless steel sunglasses with a flex hinge, created from a solderless, screwless folded design, all fitted with category 3 polarized sunlenses. 

A sunglasses collection that combines comfort, lightness, good looks and protection.