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The Marius Morel 1880 collection reintroduces the elegance of the very first designs: authentic products subtly updated and reinterpreted using the latest technology.


Retro Revisited :

Titanium, stainless steel, handcrafted acetate, engraved grooves and laser engraving, traditional techniques rub shoulders with new technologies to create authentic and elegant frames

Retro Revisited

Eyewear Manufacturer :

Authentic high-quality frames produced in the purest eyewear tradition, just as in 1880, but with the comfort and technologies of today.

Eyewear Manufacturer

Detailing :

For those in the know, MARIUS MOREL 1880 frames feature discreet recognizable signs: a silver-colored "1880" metal insert is subtly sunk into the outside of the left endtip.

On each side, the inside of the endtip is embellished with five decorative stripes, the second of which is lacquered deep red.



Sunglasses :

The eyewear legacy of MARIUS MOREL and the optical perfection of ZEISS: a marriage of know-how and excellence.

In 1846, Carl ZEISS created his precision optics workshop at JENA in Germany. 

A few years later, in 1880, Marius Morel created his very first collection of spectacles in the heart of the Jura, the birthplace of French eyewear. These pioneers never imagined that their know-how and spirit of innovation would live on through the centuries and make each of their names a benchmark in the history of optics.

The MARIUS MOREL 1880 sunglasses range marries these two outstanding types of expertise to bring you exceptional sunglasses combining eyewear tradition and pure sun protection: authentic frames subtly updated in terms of volumes and details, with ZEISS mineral glass lenses: diamond-cut optical perfection for incomparable purity and comfort!

Authentic high-performance protection for discerning customers seeking exceptional products.